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Kunstverein Wolfsburg

The Kunstverein Wolfsburg was founded in 1959, making it the oldest art institution in the city. According to the media, it also happens to be the most avant-garde. Through its innovative exhibitions and events, the Kunstverein Wolfsburg has gained national and international renown. In relation to the city’s total population, the Kunstverein’s 400 members are a surprisingly high number. The 700 square metre exhibition hall enables comprehensive and ambitious presentations of both local and supra-regional artists. The Kunstverein program focuses on artists of the younger generation whose artistic works provide relevant answers to questions of the time. Each year, a theme is selected according to criterias of social importance and topicality, providing a framework for the various projects and exhibitions. For its work, Kunstverein Wolfsburg was awarded the ADKV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine)-Preis für Kunstvereine for the best German Kunstverein in 2007.

Chairman: Dieter Söchtig

Director: Dr. Justin Hoffmann